Frequent Questions

Will I have to wear a paper gown for my test at Premier?

You will not be asked to wear a paper gown for your procedure. We have soft cotton gowns, pants, and robes for your comfort.

Do I need to bring a list of my medications with me for my procedure?

Yes, please bring a list of your medications if you have one available as this may be very helpful to the technologist and/or nurse assisting in your procedure.

What does NPO mean?

NPO means nothing by mouth. You may be asked to not eat or drink prior to your procedure.

Is Premier accredited by the American College of Radiology?

Yes, Premier Diagnostic Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Is it necessary for a board certified radiologist to read my exam?

Yes, it is necessary for a board certified radiologist to read the images from any modality including XRay, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Mammography. This board certification means the radiologist has had extensive training in addition to medical school. All radiologists at Premier Diagnostic Imaging are board certified.

Can I request a copy of my records?

A board certified radiologist at Premier will dictate a report and send it to your physician’s office. Your ordering physician will review the results of the procedure with you. You may access the report and images from your exam directly through our patient portal , and you may request a copy of your report and images on CD at any time free of charge.

I have an order for a CT of the head, but I have heard that MRIs are better. What is the difference?

Your physician evaluates the imaging options based on your symptoms to determine the appropriate test for you. The MRI scan of the head is superior to the CT scan of the head, except in cases of trauma to the head or suspected bleeding in the head.