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Your Experience Can Inspire Others

Are you a cancer survivor? Have you been there for loved ones during their battles? With 1 in every 4 deaths caused by cancer, it’s something that affects us all. Maybe you’ve made lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of cancer. Your words can encourage others and show them that we’re all in this together. Please share freely in the comments below.

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  1. Samantha Huddleston

    I would say do self exams go for your pap smear they do breast exams. I came across a 19 year old with breast cancer yes 19 as I was fighting. I have no family history but at 42 was told I needed a mastectomy because of cancer. I encourage everyone to do self exams including men. I am now 43 and alive because of a pap smear my gynecologist preformed a breast exam. Encouraging each other is the best. Mammograms save lives and should be done at earlier ages.

  2. Jessica

    Cancer is a word that no person or family member wants to hear. I have had many family members along with in-laws who have been battling cancer recently. My grandfather just won his fight with colon rectal cancer and now is fighting again prostate cancer for the second time. Several of my in-laws have been battling cancer over the last few years ( breast cancer, brain/lung caner and just recently a great uncle passed from stage 4 lung cancer and bone cancer. I pray that a cure can be found for all cancers and that no one person or family has to suffer with the heartache of cancer anymore. Having regular screening tests can help diagnosis cancers sooner and help people have a stronger change of beating cancer.

  3. Wendi

    I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I exercise, eat healthy(most of the time), I love fruits and vegetables, get a good nights sleep and try to reduce stress. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not enough. My grandmother is now battling cancer and I can tell you that faith and attitude has a lot to do with how the battle goes. She is seeing a wonderful oncologist and taking her treatments as prescribed, however, she has the best attitude. She was given 6 to 12 months to live and praise God she has already survived past the 12 month period and still going. She has a positive attitude and reliance on God. She has good days and bad days but she never gives up. I would say to anyone battling cancer, “Never give up!”

  4. Natalie

    I have lost family and friends to a few that have beat it or are battling it now. Its sad to say but, I don’t know anyone that hasn’t dealt with it in some way.I truely hate this awful disease. I pray that there is a cure and hope to see it happen soon. I have had several scares myself that have been found in preventive screenings. Early detection is key. I do my best to avoid the things that cause it and use the things that prevent it.

  5. Sarah

    Unfortunately, I have had several family members taken by cancer, and several more who are currently battling this terrible disease. Not to mention the friends and patients through the years. Cancer is such a scary word, but with research and ongoing protectiveness, maybe we can change the statistics.

  6. avashije

    Learning about the lifestyle factors that affect cancer risk has made me change some of my habits. Now, I try to remember sunscreen every day, and I limit red meat and alcohol. Knowing that 1/4 of deaths in the US are from cancer makes me want to get screened regularly and do all I can to prevent cancer.

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