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Caring for Women
Premier has a diagnostic Center for Women, dedicated to your body care. We provide state-of-the-art mammograms and breast care services. Plus, we offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging services for whole-body health.
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We Fight Against Breast Cancer

Early Detection is Essential

Did you know that during a woman’s life, her breasts change? Hormones, pregnancy, and menopause trigger those changes in breast tissue–both physically and microscopically. That’s why regular check-ups and mammograms are recommended throughout a woman’s life. Premier Diagnostic Imaging recommends that all women receive annual mammogram beginning at age 40. This recommendation is endorsed by the American College of Radiology, the Society of Breast Imaging and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The Premier Center for Women provides several breast care and whole-body services that aid in early cancer diagnosis and help provide for your overall health. 

Breast Care Services

Breast health is an important element of your all-around health and wellness. Early breast cancer detection is essential to faster treatment and better prognosis. Premier offers a variety of tests that support breast health, such as:

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Our Genius 3D Mammography exam with SmartCurve technology provides a more accurate and more comfortable exam. Don’t put off your mammogram because you’re worried about pain. 

Vacuum Assisted Core Needle Biopsy

Precise, ultrasound-guided vacuum assisted core needle biopsy utilizes a needle and vacuum assistance to collect small amounts of breast tissue. Our biopsies are performed on an outpatient basis by a board certified physician.

This method causes minimal discomfort due to numbing agents used before and during the procedure. The entire biopsy procedure is completed within 15 to 30 minutes.

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Ultrasound service icon showing transducer used for sonography imaging at Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, TN

Also called sonography. this technique uses sound waves to take pictures inside the body, especially soft tissues. Ultrasound is ideal for gynecological and obstetrical imaging. It’s also useful for breast ultrasounds and guiding breast biopsies.

Women’s Whole-Body Diagnostics

As well as breast care, our outpatient imaging services offer women convenience when it comes to:

Otherwise known as bone density tests. This non-invasive test measures mineral density in bone to determine whether a woman is at risk for osteoporosis. They are recommended for all women over 65 years of age, women who broke a bone after 50 years of age and menopausal or post-menopausal women with contributing risk factors.

Bone density testing service icon showing a hip DEXA scan Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, TN
Medical and diagnostic exam services: CT scans Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, Tennessee

Also known as computerized tomography. CT scans are effective in creating cross-sectional images of body parts or organs in the body. These images provide more detailed information than a simple x-ray. Such scans also monitor disease processes.

A safe and painless type of imaging that uses a low dose radioactive agent to accurately visualize the flow and function of different organs of your body.

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CT services icon showing patient entering a computed tomography machine at Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, TN

Magnetic resonance imaging is ideal for diagnosing injury or disease of soft tissues, bones and joints, as well as the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Why Choose Premier?

At Premier Diagnostic Imaging, our team focuses on your health. We encourage women of all ages to take an active part in their care.

We provide state-of-the-art medical screenings and diagnostic exams with fast, accurate results. Your health is important to us, which is why we are industry leaders in providing imaging services for 17 counties in the Upper Cumberland region.

For your imaging needs, Premier Diagnostic imaging services delivers:

  • Convenience – We offer same-day scheduling for your convenience
  • Timely reports – In most cases, we are able to send your doctor same-day reports
  • Expertise – We always have a board-certified radiologist on site

Don’t Put Off Your Health

Your health is important. Our board-certified radiologists are here to assist you. Our priority is your health and comfort, utilizing our affordable state-of-the-art diagnostics.  Call us to schedule an appointment at 931-528-1800 or email us at information@premierdiagnostic.com.