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I had an MRI on my back, MRI on my foot, and a mammogram all this year. Staff, doctors, and assistants are always helpful in all departments. I’ve always told people about this facility.

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By choosing Premier, you choose the best value for yourself and your family. Our staff includes board-certified radiologists interpreting your results and experienced nurses and technologists assisting you through your exams. We prioritize your experience to offer you convenience and state-of-the-art imaging at a low cost.


Premier Diagnostic Imaging was founded in December of 1999 in Cookeville, Tennessee by the Upper Cumberland’s most respected radiologists to offer our community a freestanding medical imaging facility with excellent service at a fair price. Premier now serves a seventeen-county area by providing a wide range of medical screening and diagnostic testing services. 

Premier Medical Park in Cookeville Tennessee in 1967


Premier Medical Park in Cookeville Tennessee in 2015.


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