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Why it’s Important to Create Your Family Health History

Do You Know Your Family Health History? If you have a close family member with a chronic disease, such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer, you may be more likely to develop that disease too. Sharing your family health history is a meaningful way to protect your health. You can help protect yourself from these...
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Look Inside: Seeing Football Injures with X-ray Vision

It’s Time for Tennessee Football–and Football Injuries Football is back! Fans across Tennessee are donning their team colors, grilling their tailgate favs, and settling in for a season of bone-crunching action as modern gladiators battle it out on the gridiron. No sport brings people together like football, especially in the South! But football is a...
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Fun in the Tennessee Sun: 9 Safety Tips

The sun is a beautiful thing. It’s warm, it’s bright, and it makes us feel good. It draws us outside and begs us to enjoy all the things Tennessee has to offer. Summer is in full swing, and the sun is at its strongest. Whether you’re hiking the Cumberland Trail, hitting the links in Sparta,...
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Beat Your Back Pain: What to Know About Epidural Injections

Do you have back pain? Back pain affects up to 80 percent of people at some point in their lives. It can be caused by many different things, like an injury, poor posture, or obesity. If your doctor has ruled out other causes for your pain and it’s been going on for more than three...
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Understanding the Difference Between Diagnostic and Screening Mammograms

Do you know the difference between a screening and a diagnostic mammogram? Most women over 40 are familiar with annual screening mammograms. They are a type of screening done to detect breast cancer. Diagnostic mammograms, on the other hand, help to diagnose and treat breast cancer. They can also help track follow-up after treatment or...
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What’s the Difference Between Screening and Diagnostic Imaging?

Medical imaging is an essential part of healthcare. It can help diagnose and treat many different diseases, but the difference between the types of medical imaging—screening and diagnostic medical imaging—is not always clear. Screening means taking pictures of various parts of your body to detect cancer or other serious problems early on before symptoms appear....
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Signs and Symptoms? The Time to Talk with Your Doctor is Now

If you have been putting off a cancer screening or ignoring cancer signs or symptoms, don’t let COVID keep you from acting. The consequences of further delay may be costly.Many cancer clinics are reporting that new patients are showing up with more advanced cancer than those who arrived for treatment before the COVID-19 pandemic, according...
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What is the difference between MRI and CT Scans?

If your doctor gives you an order for diagnostic medical imaging, you may wonder why they prescribed an MRI or a CT scan. MRI and CT scans are some of the most common types of medical imaging performed. Both procedures provide images of the human body and are used by various medical specialties, like orthopedics...
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Over 40? Ask Your Doctor About These Important Screenings

Recommended Medical Tests by Age Maintaining your good health as you age goes beyond routinely checking your blood pressure and lab values. It also means getting recommended screening exams–especially once you reach age 40.Most women know they should start getting an annual mammogram for breast cancer screening after their 40th birthday, but you may be...
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pink roses for breast cancer awareness month from Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, Tennessee

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Time in Tennessee

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast cancer could be called a “family disease.” Not only does breast cancer run in families, but all family members feel the effect of a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. That’s why breast cancer prevention should be considered a family affair. Learn the breast cancer awareness facts, get your...
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The Espree MRI machine at Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, TN is 125cm wide and offers 1 foot of headroom.

Beat MRI Claustrophobia – All You Need to Know

Fearful of tight spaces? Worried you won’t fit inside an MRI machine? We hear you. And we can help. Many people tolerate MRI exams just fine, but others might feel anxious about the thought of getting an MRI. Maybe you’ve heard stories from friends who couldn’t tolerate the tight confines of the MRI machine for...
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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Self-Exams

Between mammograms, or at an early age, before you start mammograms, don’t forget about breast self-exams. While mammograms do a very good job of detecting suspicious changes in breast tissue, the current guidelines do not support routine mammograms for younger women (under age 40) – even though young women can and do get breast cancer...
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Should I Get a Mammogram Now?

3 Reasons Why You Should If you’re like many women, you may wonder about mammogram age guidelines–when you should start having mammograms–or how often you need to get one. You might wonder if you can fit a mammogram into your busy lifestyle. Or you may wonder if it’s safe to get mammograms during COVID-19. [Updated...
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Your Lungs and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

You know the basics about the novel coronavirus and the disease it can cause, COVID-19. It’s more infectious than other such viruses — and more dangerous. But do you know what Covid-19 does to your lungs? COVID-19 can cause severe lung damage and make breathing difficult, even after the disease passes. This is a scary...
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Cookeville Healthy Food Delivery

Healthy Food Delivery in Cookeville

Food Delivery Near You – Healthy Choices You’ll Love Most of us have gotten an occasional takeout meal or have had food delivered from a favorite restaurant. Up until the outbreak of the coronavirus in late February of 2020, these were restaurant services we took for granted. Now, restaurant delivery has a new place in...
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How to Start Working Out

Getting started is often the hardest part of starting an exercise plan. Find an activity you like (and are good at) – No rule says exercise has to be a drudge! If you do something you enjoy, it increases your chance that you’ll stick with it. And, chances are that if you’re good at something,...
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Beat Your Couch Potato! Get Fit with Gyms in Cookeville

Oh, the new year and those resolutions to get fit! If you’re having trouble casting off your couch potato, we’ve compiled our best tips to get you moving. Plus, we have a list of Cookeville gyms and fitness facilities, with programs and personal trainers to help you out. Top Tips on How to Get Moving...
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Coping with a cancer diagnosis

Loneliness is a common feeling when receiving the news of cancer.  Feel free to talk to your friends and family about giving you emotional support and assistance with daily activities.
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