COVID Safety

[Updated Aug 2022] Many people are asking if it’s safe to resume routine screenings and medical imaging. At Premier, we are taking maximum precautions to safeguard the health of our patients and our staff members by:

  • Maintaining cleaning logs in every department to ensure every surface in every room gets disinfected on a schedule
  • Cleaning every room between each patient’s use
  • Encouraging employees to wear a mask, at their discretion.
  • Making masks available for anyone who wants one
  • Providing pre-registration service over the phone – just call on arrival to reduce time in the waiting room

You can help keep yourself and others safe, too. To reduce your risk of getting or spreading COVID, wearing a mask or face-covering is encouraged. Wearing a mask can reduce infection rates by 80%. Also, the Tennessee Department of Health strongly recommends that “everyone who is offered a vaccine gets a vaccine, though we all have the right to choose.”