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At our Center for Women, Premier Diagnostic Imaging provides quick, affordable and convenient mammograms. Regular mammogram screenings are important. They detect breast cancer before any signs or symptoms are evident and before lumps are large enough to be felt in a self-exam. By comparing your mammogram images with your previous exams, radiologists can see if there are changes in your breast tissue.

Women Over 40 Should Have a Mammogram Every Year

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Why Women Choose Premier

Premier Diagnostic Imaging has been Cookeville’s leading breast imaging provider since Premier started in 1999. We make getting mammograms as quick and convenient as possible in our dedicated women’s imaging center.

The Premier Center for Women is a separate area within Premier with changing rooms and a waiting area just for women.

We have the best mammogram pricing in the Upper Cumberland, by far. There are no hidden “radiologist fees,” and our radiologists read your exams onsite. We maintain a very clean facility with state-of-the-art equipment. And we pride ourselves on offering excellent service to all our patients. When you come here, we treat you like family.

What Patients Say About Mammogram Screenings

From personal experience, I can tell you how important yearly mammography screening is. At the age of 44, there was a small change on my mammogram from the previous year noticed by the radiologist. After further testing and a biopsy, it was confirmed to be breast cancer. But since I had one every year since age 40 for comparison, my cancer was caught early (stage 1) and my survival rate is 95%.

A Cookeville Woman

I would say do self exams and go for your pap smear, they do breast exams…I have no family history but at 42 was told I needed a mastectomy because of cancer. I encourage everyone to do self exams including men. I am now 43 and alive because my gynecologist performed a breast exam. Encouraging each other is the best. Mammograms save lives and should be done at earlier ages.

A Cookeville Woman

3D Mammogram with SmartCurve

Our mammogram screening facility uses 3D Genius Mammography™ (breast tomosynthesis). Together with our state-of-the-art 3DQuorum™ technology, they produce a 3D image of your breast. Radiologists can then view the whole image or individual sections.

3D imaging offers a better chance to diagnose breast cancer earlier, at more treatable stages.

The 3D digital screening process is similar to 2D screening, but the images are more detailed. During the exam, multiple breast x-rays are taken at different angles. The images complete a 3D view of the breast tissue when put together.

The 3D experience is quick, often requiring less than four seconds of compression. Also, our SmartCurve™ paddle is more comfortable than traditional flat paddles.

Genius AI™-powered analytics with Clarity™HD  (within the 3DQuorum™ software) produce SmartSlice images. These image slices let radiologists isolate and view ultra-specific breast sections without confusion from overlapping tissue. This includes clinically significant regions identified by the Genius AI™ software.

Compared to 2D, Premier’s 3D mammograms are quick, comfortable and highly accurate. Our process:

  • Produces over 200x more images
  • Reduces callbacks by 40%
  • Detects 20-65% more invasive breast cancer
  • Scans faster, often requiring less than 4 seconds of compression
  • Is FDA approved as a superior exam for women with dense breasts

I highly recommend annual screening mammograms for all women of appropriate age, beginning at the age of 40 for most women. Screening mammogram is our best tool to detect breast cancer at an early stage, when it is the most treatable.

Dr. Seth Means Radiologist
Dr. Seth Means
Board Certified Radiologist - Premier Diagnostic Imaging

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It Could Save Your Life

Call 931-528-1800 to speak to one of our receptionists.

I just want women to know how important yearly screening mammograms are. I have many personal friends that I truly believe routine screenings have saved their lives. If caught early breast cancer is very treatable, that’s why yearly screening mammography is so important.

Michelle Green Mammogram Technologist
Michelle Green
Mammogram Technologist - Premier Diagnostic Imaging

Mammogram FAQs


Does insurance cover mammograms?

Most insurers cover one breast exam screening (mammogram) each year. However, if you need additional images, your insurance may not cover them. The good news is our 3D mammograms provide highly detailed pictures. As a result, they reduce the need for patient call-backs and extra images.

How do I prepare for a mammogram?

You should not wear deodorant on the day of your exam. Many deodorants use aluminum products that interfere with the evaluation of breast tissue. If you are wearing deodorant, you will need to wash it off before your exam.

Do I need a doctor’s referral for a mammo?

Yes, you do need a doctor’s referral for a mammogram. We can help you with this. When scheduling your mammogram with Premier over the phone, we will ask for your physician’s name. We’ll then contact their office to send over a mammogram referral. You can also ask your physician to set up your appointment with us directly.

Is a mammogram an x-ray?

Yes, both traditional and 3D mammography are specialized x-ray machines that create images of the breast.

Also, we have many older women that ask how long they have to keep having mammograms. My answer is: as long as you are able to have surgery if a cancer is found, then mammography is the best way to find it. Guidelines state you can stop 10 years to end of life but who really knows when that is??

Michelle Green Mammogram Technologist
Michelle Green
Mammogram Technologist - Premier Diagnostic Imaging

How prevalent is breast cancer in Tennessee?

The Tennessee Department of Health states that every day in Tennessee, 14 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Also, like women across the United States, Tennessee women have a 1 in 8 risk of developing breast cancer during their lifetimes. The earlier breast cancer is found, the higher your chances of survival. Mammograms save lives by finding breast cancer early, in its most treatable stages. 

At what age should I start getting mammograms?

All women should receive an annual mammogram beginning by age 40. This recommendation comes from several sources, including the American College of Radiology, the Society of Breast Imaging, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

Your doctor may recommend that you begin screening mammograms at a younger age if you are at high risk. Screening mammograms should continue as long as one is healthy enough to have cancer treatments if needed. 

Is it important to find a mammogram near me?

What’s important is that you are regular with your screenings. We’ve seen many women go years between mammograms without realizing that it had been so long. That’s why, if you live near Cookeville, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to keep an annual mammography routine. We are located nearby, in Premier Medical Park.

Can I have a mammogram if I have breast implants?

Women with implants should continue to receive mammograms. Premier radiologists have experience in viewing mammogram images with breast implants. We will ask if you have implants before your exam so the technologists can plan for optimal visibility of your breast tissue. 

What is the difference between screening and diagnostic mammograms?

Screening mammograms are for people who have no signs or symptoms of breast cancer. Diagnostic mammograms analyze a suspicious area in detail. Diagnostic mammograms may take longer and produce more images than screening mammograms.

Most all of my patients, after having their first mammogram, are pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It doesn’t last long (usually about 5 minutes), and the compression is not horrible. It’s tight but very tolerable.

Michelle Green Mammogram Technologist
Michelle Green
Mammogram Technologist - Premier Diagnostic Imaging

Do Mammograms Hurt?

In general, mammograms are not painful. However, women experience the compression sensation differently. Most exams only need four seconds of compression. 

At Premier, our 3D SmartCurve mammogram paddle design improves patient comfort. Of patients who usually experience discomfort with standard compression technology, 93% reported more comfort with SmartCurve.

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