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Premier's Diagnostic Imaging Center for Women

Mammograms and diagnostic imaging are an essential part of a woman’s health. At Premier, we feel women’s imaging should be a comfortable and convenient experience. That’s why we created the Premier Center for Women.

Newly updated and expanded in December 2021, our women’s center offers privacy, comfort and service unmatched anywhere else in Cookeville or the Upper Cumberland area. Still part of Premier Diagnostic Imaging’s outpatient facility, our Center for Women features a separate entrance and reception area, ensuring you the privacy you deserve. Also, our dedicated reception area and additional exam room mean quicker appointment scheduling, speedy check-ins, and faster in-and-out service. Our women’s imaging center provides state-of-the-art imaging technology.

Women Over 40 Should Have a Mammogram Every Year

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Breast Care Services

Caring for your breasts is a crucial element of your all-around health and wellness. Early breast cancer detection is essential to faster treatment and better prognosis. Premier’s breast imaging center offers a variety of tests that support breast health, such as:

Mammography Service

Don’t put off your screening mammogram because you’re worried about pain. Our Genius 3D mammography exam with SmartCurve technology provides a more accurate and more comfortable exam.

Breast Biopsy

During a breast biopsy, a board-certified physician draws a small tissue sample from the breast with a needle. A pathologist then examines the tissue for irregularities.

  • Vacuum-Assisted Core Needle Biopsy
    This core biopsy procedure is ideal for lumps not felt during a physical breast exam – or a spot that shows up on a mammogram. The core biopsy method is also suitable for fluid-filled lumps or cysts. 
  • Stereotactic Biopsy
    A stereotactic breast biopsy is commonly used to assess breast anomalies like tiny calcium deposits, tissue irregularities, or areas of abnormal change.
Ultrasound Service

Also called sonography, this technique uses sound waves to take pictures inside the body, especially soft tissues. It’s useful for breast ultrasounds and guiding breast biopsies.

Your Women's Imaging Center in Cookeville, TN

Diagnostic imaging is essential to your health as a woman. Designed with your comfort and privacy in mind, our modernized women’s imaging center offers the latest in diagnostic imaging services and a standard of care and professionalism that you deserve.

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