Healthy Food Delivery Near Me

Food Delivery Near You – Healthy Choices You’ll Love

Most of us have gotten an occasional takeout meal or have had food delivered from a favorite restaurant. Up until the outbreak of the coronavirus in late February of 2020, these were restaurant services we took for granted. Now, restaurant delivery has a new place in our lives.

Our local online menus are packed full of Tennessee favorites – burgers, pizza, bbq, and fried chicken. But hidden among the fried and fast-foods are some exciting healthier choices.

Satisfying Food, Fun Flavors for the Whole Family

Using the guidelines from the Premier Cancer Alliance’s healthy diet information, we’ve combed local takeout and food delivery services to bring you some of Cookeville’s best and healthiest food delivery choices. These meals feature lots of vegetables and grains, so fear not! These dishes are satisfying and pack a taste-punch that will make your mouth (and body) happy. Our food delivery options include familiar Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian favorites.

Note: To help you out, we’ve featured local Cookeville, TN restaurants that are still operating during the coronavirus restrictions.

These recommendations are based on our read-through of the menus and comparing the ingredients listed to the dietary guidelines set out by the American Institute of Cancer Research. Have you ordered any of these restaurant delivery items? Have anything to add or take off this list? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Healthy Takeout and Food Delivery  – Cookeville, TN

Blue Coast Burrito

1010 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville, TN 38501
(931) 525-2583

Are you craving Mexican food? Build a Cabo Bowl with Blue Coast Burrito. They even have a nutrition info calculator!

Healthiest Menu Items

Naked Burrito- Chicken

La Tinge Chicken Taco Salad

Build your own Cabo Bowl- chicken + bean + guacamole + veggies + cilantro

India Palace

120 W 1st St, Cookeville, TN 38501
(931) 525-1190

With lots of chicken and vegetable dishes, India Palace offers several healthy dishes that you may have never tried before.

Healthiest Menu Items

Shrimp or Chicken Lasoni

Chicken Curry
Kadai Chicken
Chicken Saag
Chicken Vindaloo- spicy
Tandoori Chicken
Harayali Kabab
Chicken Tikka
Tandoori Shrimp
Shrimp Vindaloo
Shrimp Jalafarezee
Shrimp Saag
Shrimp Masala

Soups, Salads and Sides:
Lentil Soup
Chicken Salad
Carrot Ginger Soup
Vegetarian Sides
Daal Tarka
Paalak Paneer
Tandoori Roti- whole wheat bread

Pharaoh's Grill

298 W Broad St, Cookeville, TN 38501
(931) 528-4976

The Mediterranean diet blends the basics of healthy eating with the traditional flavors and cooking methods of the Mediterranean.

How To Order:

We Deliver

Healthiest Menu Items


Greek Salad

Grape Leaves

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Kabob

Tabbouleh Salad

Pharaoh’s Chicken Salad

Soup of the Day

Rice Time Bistro

918 N Jefferson Ave, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501
(931) 854-9822

Rice Time Bistro also packs flavor in their chicken and vegetable dishes. They are under the same ownership as House of Thai. Again, you’ll have to make your own brown rice to reap the benefits of wholegrain.

Healthiest Menu Items


Panang Curry
Avocado Green Curry
Yellow Squash Curry

Spicy Bamboo Curry

Soups, Salads and Sides:

Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry
Chicken Larb Salad
Shrimp Tom Yum Soup (hot and sour)
Chicken Teriyaki- go easy on the sauce

House of Thai

208 E8th St Cookeville, Tennessee 38501
(931) 526-2478

House of Thai has several chicken and vegetable dishes with delicious flavors. For a healthy meal, make your own brown rice to go with your curry.

Healthiest Menu Items

Chicken Satay 

Green Curry
Chicken Holy Basil Stir Fry
Chicken Garlic and Pepper Stir Fry
Jungle Curry

These menu recommendations are based on the AICR’s guidelines for diets associated with lower cancer risk. Those guidelines include eating more wholegrains and vegetables and limiting red meat. here is the complete article on dietary guidelines:

Diet icon for the Premier Cancer Alliance showing healthy diet as a factor that decreases cancer risk

Help Improve this List.

Did you try any of these items? Find more healthy delivery in Cookeville? Let us know in the comments below.