pink roses for breast cancer awareness month from Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, Tennessee
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast cancer could be called a “family disease.” Not only does breast cancer run in families, but all family members feel the effect of a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. That’s why breast cancer prevention should be considered a family affair. Learn the breast cancer awareness facts, get your...
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While mammograms do a very good job of detecting suspicious changes in breast tissue, the current guidelines do not support routine mammograms for younger women (under age 40) – even though young women can and do get breast cancer and other breast diseases. Even when women reach the screening age, most of them only get...
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3 Reasons Why You Should If you’re like many women, you may wonder about mammogram age guidelines — when you should start having mammograms – or how often you need to get one. You might wonder if you can fit a mammogram into your busy lifestyle. Or you may wonder if it’s safe to get...
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