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Do you know the difference between a screening and a diagnostic mammogram? Most women over 40 are familiar with annual screening mammograms. They are a type of screening done to detect breast cancer. Diagnostic mammograms, on the other hand, help to diagnose and treat breast cancer. They can also help track follow-up after treatment or...
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pink roses for breast cancer awareness month from Premier Diagnostic Imaging in Cookeville, Tennessee
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast cancer could be called a “family disease.” Not only does breast cancer run in families, but all family members feel the effect of a diagnosis and later treatment. That’s why breast cancer prevention should be considered a family affair. Learn the breast cancer awareness facts. Get your...
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Between mammograms, or at an early age, before you start mammograms, don’t forget about breast self-exams. While mammograms do a very good job of detecting suspicious changes in breast tissue, the current guidelines do not support routine mammograms for younger women (under age 40) – even though young women can and do get breast cancer...
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3 Reasons Why You Should If you’re like many women, you may wonder about mammogram age guidelines–when you should start having mammograms–or how often you need to get one. You might wonder if you can fit a mammogram into your busy lifestyle. Or you may wonder if it’s safe to get mammograms during COVID-19. [Updated...
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Raising breast cancer awareness is about letting people know about early detection and educating on ways to minimize the risk of getting the disease.
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